Beyond Muscat

Beyond Muscat, Oman boasts stunning scenery, lost cities, towering forts and unexpected lush greenery. Travelling north will bring you to the cities of Barka, Nakhal and Sohar. If time allows, the Musandam peninsula to the north-west is highly recommended, with its main cities of Khasab and Bukha, and with scenery totally different from the rest of Oman. It features beautiful fjords and lagoons and has become a popular tourist destination.

The southern province of Dhofar, with its capital Salalah, provides a welcome change in climate in the hot summer months. While the rest of Oman is paralysed by heat, the monsoon (khareef) blowing off the Indian Ocean ensures a high percentage of rainfall in this area, resulting in cool weather and beautiful greenery. Salalah attracts international as well as local visitors for its peace and tranquility. Apart from the major regions to visit in Oman, this section also includes its largest island, Masirah, which is off the south-east coast.

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