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For an extra special souvenir, Explorer's new scented candles are a welcome addition to our consumer range. The Dubai-orientated collection, named ‘Rihla’ meaning ‘voyage’ in Arabic, evokes the very essence of any Arabian adventure. Like a flame between cultures and continents, these wax masterpieces come in a handpicked selection of traditional aromas, including sandalwood, amber and orange and cinnamon, reflecting the local culture perfectly. The candles are uniquely designed in mesmerising scenes depicting this stunning city, such as the architectural marvel that is Burj Khalifa and a silhouetted urban skyline. Carved in soy wax, the scented candles are renewable and biodegradable, burning cleaner and for longer. Their slow-burning natural wood wicks create a soothing crackle, a reminder of desert camps and nights under starry skies. A Rihla scented candle is a unique memento of Dubai.