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Abu Dhabi Desk Calendar 2019 (Mosque)

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Abu Dhabi's space-age architecture sits side by side with the Arabian opulence of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Traditional windtowers are given modern interpretations and glittering skyscrapers are reflected in the calm waters of the Gulf. Stretching away from the metropolis is the timeless desert, where the secrets of Abu Dhabi’s rich history are found. These diverse landscapes are captured in 12 stunning images by Explorer's award-winning photographers in this handy desk calendar, printed in Arabic and English.

Additional Info

  • Country United Arab Emirates
  • City Abu Dhabi
  • ISBN 6291105514859
  • Size 240 x 160 mm
  • Pages 13
  • Language ArabicEnglish
  • Publication date June 2018
  • Edition 19