Going Out

As the working day draws to a close, the city comes to life with droves of workers making the move from office to izakaya (Japanese-style pubs). Every night of the week you’ll find Tokyo’s restaurants, bars and izakaya draw in a crowd that stays till the last train home, while at the weekend the party continues well into the early hours. Bawdy booze-fuelled fights are rare.

Over the years, more international restaurants targeting both foreigners and locals have opened up across the city. In areas with a large foreign contingent you’ll even find Japanese restaurants that target a more international crowd. Karaoke has also gone upscale to keep up with the times, and places like Lovenet have opened to attract more well-heeled patrons. This and similar establishments, as well as a host of western restaurants, have opened in the Roppongi area and Tokyo’s expat nightlife scene tends to focus around this district.

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