There are more than 30 wrecks to choose from, almost all in relatively shallow waters, with tropical coral reefs and dramatic coastlines that are virtually undived just waiting to be discovered and explored.

The best dive sites are located in three main areas: the east coast, the west coast and Musandam. These range from shallow reef dives, to wreck diving and the nesting sites of turtles. There are literally hundreds of options and the choice is yours.

The weather on the east coast can be very different to that in the west. The east coast and Fujairah are typically a few degrees cooler during the summer months and this side of the peninsula also tends to be more protected from the shamal winds which can cause rough seas on the west coast of the UAE. Given that most dive sites are within a couple of hours’ drive from the main cities, you can be sure to find a dive spot with favourable weather just about any day of the year.


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