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Al Dalila: Saudi Arabia Off-Road Guide

Project Background

Shortly after Saudi Arabia opened its borders to tourists, the country's Ministry of Culture contacted Explorer about creating KSA's first official off-road guide. For this adventurous project, our team travelled to Saudi Arabia to scour the vast and varied landscape to find the best off-road routes the country has to offer. As off-road guide experts, we used our seasoned team to identify and catalogue 100+ routes that showcase breathtaking landscapes, historical sites and cultural landmarks. Printed in both Arabic and English, this epic series was also made into a dedicated website and a user-friendly mobile app featuring downloadable maps.


Ministry of Culture
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Arabic / English


Digital / Print / Packaging


Strategy & Structure | Content Creation | Editing | Translation & Localisation | Proofreading | Creative Concepts | Graphic Design & Layout | Photography | Drone & Aerial Photography | Image Selection & Editing | Ground Survey | Map Design | Cartography | POI Collection & Categorisation | Print Management | UI/UX Design | App & Website Design

Creative Approach

As seasoned producers of off-road guides, we have developed a creative approach that is both artistic and practical. Each book of this series uses a colour theme taken from the Ministry of Culture’s brand guidelines. Each route then follows the same, simple format – a route header page with a hero image, an introduction page with an overview map, a detailed map, then pages dedicated to route text and photography. It is the original photography that is the star of these guides. Carefully selected from the thousands of images accumulated during the trips, the imagery perfectly captures the remarkable landscape and sites Saudi Arabia has to offer.

Mapping Approach

Our cartography team began this project by researching and locating possible points of interest and the corresponding driving routes. Initial drives then took place to thoroughly explore these areas. Using advanced 3D mapping technology, our cartographers then meticulously charted the routes, which were subjected to rigorous testing during the final set of drives. Once this testing was completed, the 3D maps were annotated, incorporating vital details such as the route itself, key points of interest and noteworthy activities, before being added to the books, website and app.

Editorial Strategy

The brief was an editorial style that would not only inspire readers to drive each route but also would give precise directions and comprehensive information, ensuring seamless and enjoyable access to the routes. Each book’s writer was part of the team that explored the country, taking notes and photographs. Upon returning to the office, this firsthand knowledge was meticulously combined with extensive research to create the content for each route. Initially developed in English, the content was also translated into Arabic by our skilled Arabic editorial team.

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