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Blue Kingdom: The Ultimate Diving Guide to the Red Sea

Project Background

With our unparalleled expertise in crafting adventure guides, we were the natural choice to produce this groundbreaking dive guide to the Red Sea. Collaborating closely with the Ministry of Culture and the Saudi Dive Federation, this book is both a practical guide to accessing world-class dive sites and a tantalising glimpse into the mesmerising beauty and remarkable sea life that sits just off Saudi’s western coast. This epic publication was produced in print and as an easy-to-use app and website.


Ministry of Culture
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Arabic / English


Digital / Print


Strategy & Structure | Content Creation | Editing | Translation & Localisation | Proofreading | Creative Concepts | Graphic Design & Layout | Infographics & Illustration | Image Selection & Editing | Map Design | Print Management

Editorial Strategy

Written using dive reports and photographs taken by the Dive Federation, our editorial strategy was to take this practical information and create content that both entices and guides divers. Using a mixture of these first-hand accounts and research, the content is simple, factual and descriptive. Once approved by the client, our talented Arabic editorial team translated the content for the Arabic version of the guides.

Creative Approach

To showcase the dives in the most practical way possible, we developed illustrations to accurately portray each dive site. Taken from rough sketches created by the Dive Federation, our team used location-specific photography to accurately render the appearance of these underwater worlds. This bold, life-like style provides would-be divers with an accurate representation of each dive before they take the plunge. Each dive area is colour coded and easy-to-understand icons were developed so readers could easily grasp the most important information at a glance. The content and illustrations are broken up by carefully selected imagery that reflects the beauty and diversity of this remarkable dive location.