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Dubai: Ambition and Inspiration

Daniel Cheong is a photographer who pushes the boundaries of reality. One of Dubai’s original ‘rooftoppers’, shooting the city from new and unique angles, and a master of digital blending, Cheong’s images make viewers feel like they’ve stepped into a different world.

Creative Approach

We began the project by identifying the top locations that people would expect to see in a photography book about Dubai and reviewing Cheong’s existing image library. For any new shots that we needed, we decided how he could show these places from a completely new perspective, including gaining access to rooftops and vantage points that are off-limits to the public.

To ensure the print materials we used further enhanced the imagery, we worked with the printer to select the best paper and the maximum possible ink levels for that paper to ensure the photographs jumped off the page and had as much depth as possible.

With our strong retail arm and market knowledge, we knew audiences were looking for smaller, lighter-weight books as airlines were reducing luggage allowances and people were becoming more cost conscious. For Dubai: Ambition and Inspiration, we chose a size that still had a high perceived value, but weighed less than our original large-format photography books."

Editorial Strategy

With a focus on the stunning photography, Explorer's editorial team ensured that the images were accompanied by clear and concise captions. A perfect souvenir, captions were written and depicted across four languages.

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