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Golden Jubilee Commemorative Book

Project Background

This luxurious coffee table book was the vision of the Ministry of the Interior to memorialise the jubilee celebrations that took place across the UAE in 2021. Images and descriptions of the Ministry of the Interior’s grand parades and celebratory events are skillfully showcased in this dual-language book and presented in a stunning gold, lattice slipcase and presentation box.


Ministry of the Interior
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Arabic / English


Print / Packaging


Editing | Translation & Localisation | Proofreading | Creative Concepts | Graphic Design & Layout | Image Selection & Editing | Print Management

Editorial Strategy

The content for this Arabic-led book was provided by the Ministry of the Interior. Our Arabic editorial team took this content and carefully edited it so that it had a consistent style and tone. Once approved by the client, the content was then translated and handed over to our English team for editing and localisation to ensure the text did not read like a translation, but flowed naturally as though it had been written in English.

Creative Approach

From the first meeting with the client, it was clear that this book needed to be special. Our concepts suggested regal blues and golds for the cover and a clean, simple layout style that showcased the book's unique imagery. In the final product, the rich blue was brought to life by using textured calico fabric, and the gold foil lettering created a high-end finish. The inside pages were expertly laid out by our design and photography teams so both languages sat side by side without overwhelming the imagery. To complete the publication, a brushed-gold slipcase and presentation box in the same calico as the cover were made to house this exquisite book.