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Project Background

Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre commissioned Explorer to create a series of educational books about science and space, in a project which aims to improve the availability of Arabic language science learning resources. The books will be used to teach primary and secondary schoolchildren about space in the UAE and wider Arab world.

Editorial Strategy

The content strategy for these takes into account the various curricula studied in the UAE’s many private schools, as well as other curricular considerations, complementing the scientific Earth and space principles with teaching of the scientific method, ethics in science, citizenship and careers content. The explanations are written in a way that considers the target age range of the book, building upon scientific principles covered in the school curriculum for that age group, and expanding on subjects as the students progress through the series. One book is an illustrated storybook targetting preschool and infant children. It introduces the basic concepts and vocabulary of space in an easily accessible way. Set in the UAE and featuring a UAE astronaut, it also addresses MBRSC’s objectives of inspiring young people about careers in science and space.


Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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