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Sharjah Tourist Map Collection

Project Background

The Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) commissioned Explorer to develop a set of five comprehensive maps spotlighting the emirate's tourist highlights. This series provides invaluable information for visitors, with detailed 'you are here' maps combined with broader context overview maps to navigate to other points of interest in each area. These maps are designed to enhance the visitor experience, encouraging exploration of Sharjah's many attractions.


Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA)
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


English | Arabic




Brand Application | Cartography | Content Creation | Creative Direction | Editing | Illustration | Localisation | Map Design | POI Collection & Categorisation | Proofreading | Translation

Cartography Strategy

With almost three decades of experience mapping the UAE, Explorer knows the country better than anyone. When a client such as SCTDA seeks a customised local map, our journey begins by leveraging our comprehensive base maps as a foundational resource. Our experienced Cartography Team then embarks on rigorous field visits and exhaustive research to ensure the most up-to-date depiction of the area. Merging this detailed knowledge with our design expertise is where Explorer really comes into its own. This set of maps is an excellent example of our factually accurate yet beautifully designed maps that have our clients returning to us time and time again.

Creative Approach

The creative challenge for this five-map project was the development of maps that provided the necessary information in a clear and succinct way but were also eye-catching and attractive. With the end product destined for large display boards at each ‘You Are Here’ location, the maps needed to make a strong visual impact. The authority’s brand guidelines were used as a colour palette and simplified maps of each area were rendered with by an easy-to-follow legend to swiftly communicate the key areas and means of getting there. Accompanying the maps are carefully selected images of prominent points of interest and QR codes that can be scanned for further information.