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WGS Agenda and Display Screens

Project Background

The World Government Summit is an annual global event recognized as one of the most impactful international gatherings of government officials, thought leaders, policy-makers and private sector representatives. In addition to documenting the annual gathering with high-quality publications, Explorer developed a fully customisable database to manage the Summit's agenda data and assists during event time to create the extensive four-day agenda in a variety of formats, as well as the artwork to be displayed on the LED screens around the venue.



World Government Summit
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Arabic / English


Print / Screen / Interactive PDF


Editing / Translation & Localisation / Proofreading / Creative Concepts / Graphic Design & Layout / Data Management

Editorial Strategy

The size of this event calls for attention to detail. The agenda is constantly in flux, and changes need to be made in real time in the run up to and during the event. After working with WGS for several years on the agenda and understanding the project's very unique needs, Explorer’s development team created a fully customisable, centralised database to manage the constant cycle of changes. Our English and Arabic editors receive changes from team leads and updates are made directly into the system, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all platforms utilising the agenda data.

Creative Approach

As the creative force behind the World Government Summit’s publications, we developed the agenda and screens using the same design concepts. Using a modified version of this branding, it is immediately clear that the agenda and screens are part of this illustrious event.