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Dubai Desk Calendar 2020 (Burj Al Arab)

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From its man-made marvels to the wild beauty of its natural wonders, Dubai is a city that never ceases to inspire and impress. Its skyscraper valleys combine modern innovation and Arabian opulence, with the record-breaking Burj Khalifa standing proudly as a symbol of the emirate’s unstoppable progress. Beyond the city limits, dramatic desert dunes and pristine beaches seem like another world. These contrasting landscapes are captured in 12 stunning images by Explorer's award-winning photographers in this handy desk calendar, printed in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin.

Additional Info

  • Country United Arab Emirates
  • City Dubai
  • ISBN 6291105515238
  • Language EnglishMandarinRussian
  • Publication date May 2019
  • Edition 20