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Dubai Mini Map

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The Dubai Mini Map is small enough to fit in your pocket but, once unfolded, it contains enough detail for you to find your way around this ever-changing emirate. Close-up views of the city’s main areas and an in-depth overview map help you pin-point your exact location making this miniature marvel a must-have for tourists, residents and visitors alike. Area names, roads, key landmarks, major attractions and future developments are all mapped out, plus there’s a location directory for shopping malls, five-star hotels, beaches, parks, museums, hospitals, embassies and much, much more. With a copy of the Dubai Mini Map, you'll never get lost again.

Additional Info

  • Country United Arab Emirates
  • City Dubai
  • ISBN 978-1-78596-028-4
  • Size 100 x 120 mm
  • Pages 2
  • Language English
  • Publication date December 2016